ON THE ROAD: Time: 3 Years, 2 Months -- Kilometers: 68,000 -- Countries: 17 -- Continents: 2 -- Current Location: Recovery in U.S

A Little About Me Me and My Journey:

It took a long time to figure out that the purpose of my journey should be discovering the common bonds which unite us a people. We always focus on differences, and even try to “celebrate” them, but we are still so far from unified. What we have in common is often harder to see, but I believe that if we can find these common bonds we can truly start to appreciate the fact that we are all human beings - beyond race, culture or borders - and respect each other for that simple fact.
I don’t always write about this in my blog, as it will take me the world before I encounter most of our cultures and am able to draw any conclusions, so for now I hope you just enjoy the ride.

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