Poetry: Stumbling

Unravel the mystery of life, my love,
Tell me the source of my trouble.
Why do the clouds follow my path from above,
Their beauty so masked as I stumble?

Show me the sun that will set nevermore,
Show me the place where in peace I may lie,
Show me the place where my bones can keep warm,
Where for truth and my life I will not have to fie.

Each step does seem false as I slip to and fro,
Each thought lays unmasked for the world,
There are no more secrets for me to behold,
Only doubt overshadows my sorrow.

Where are you, my light, on this day without hope?
Where are you, my angel, on this path where I’m lost?
Where are you, my muse, when I face this steep slope?
Come find me in earnest, with no mind of the cost.

It’s sad to be lost with a map laid before you,
So much the more when you know where to go.
But I’ll count all my limbs, and the blessings too,
And continue my journey, even if to Hades I’ll row.

It’s not quite so easy to traverse all alone,
With no shoulder to lean on or query,
If there were one, whose eyes brightly shone,
Who would join me and make me less weary.

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