Adventure Log

  • 01. 08-08-11 Introduction

      On August 8th, 2011, I bid farewell to my cousin, my niece and the last 7 years in New York City, and hit the road on my 1999 Honda Magna VF-750 motorcycle. In the weeks leading up to the day I had given up my apartment, sold most of what I owned, shipped a […]

  • 02. Motivation:Why I Chose to Ride

      Though a lonely endeavor by virtue of space, motorcycles function to bring people together. It doesn’t matter whether you ride a sport bike, cruiser or enduro, or whether it’s a Honda, BMW or Harley, as long as you ride you belong. On the loneliest road, after hours of solitude you will pass a biker […]

  • 03. 08-10-11 First Days

      New York City to Eastport, Maine The first hours of my journey served as a good reminder for one of the reasons I was hitting the road in the first place. It took me almost two hours just to get out of the city. Once beyond the great span of the RFK Bridge the […]

  • 04. 08-11-11 Kindness

      From Eastport, Maine, the eastern-most point of the United States, I, and my Magna, caught a ferry to Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada. It was getting late, and as usual I was planning on catching the last ferry out. I pulled up to the dock just in time to witness the boat pushing back […]

  • 05. 8-21-11 Canada: The Ride, Part I

      Montreal, QC to Lethbridge, AB Crossing the world’s second biggest country felt like a daunting task: more than 4000 miles through at least 6 climate zones, the inevitable rain, wind, and snow, and incredible stretches of solitude. This was certainly no “easing into” my journey around the world. But I had to start somewhere, […]

  • 06. 9-1-11 Canada: The Ride, Part II

      Lethbridge, AB to Vancouver Island, BC From Lethbridge I took HWY 3 west to HWY 22 north, before connecting with the TCH west into Banff National Park. The road was no longer straight, in fact a straightaway of more than a couple of miles would not come again for a very long time. As […]

  • 07. 9-2-11Adventures in Glacier:Parts I-II

      Enter Post Content Here                    Map                             Writing                    Photography        Help Me Search for Common Bonds Adventure Log 01. 08-08-11 Introduction 02. Motivation:Why I Chose to Ride 03. 08-10-11 […]

  • 08. 9-3-11 Adventures in Glacier: Part III

      Part III: Of Moose and Bear We began the following day with a hike up to Two Medicine pass where three valleys opened themselves before our eyes. Mountain goats flanked the west side, a wolverine kept guard over the east while hawks and eagles patrolled the endless sky, and glaciers and lakes for endless […]

  • 09.9-4-11AdventuresInGlacier:Part IV-V

      Part IV: The Big Mistake After a sleepless night spent in fear for your life, one is not in a position to make wise decisions about anything. I knew the weather was going to be bad for a couple of days, and though I did not yet do everything I wanted in Glacier, I […]

  • 11. 10-08-11 USA: The Ride – Part I

      The Great North-West I can’t think of a better way to leave Canada than on the ferry from Sydney, on Vancouver Island, to Anacortes, WA.  The heavily laden behemoth slowly tugs through the very heart of the San Juan Islands, passing countless changing currents of the Puget Sound, and finally revealing the great, snow-capped, […]





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