37. 3-27-13: Belize – An Oversight

There is little I can say about Belize because I never gave it the chance to give me something to say. Belize is an expensive country and that scared me right away. I hadn’t found too many people on couch surfing, and was generally not interested in the beach or any water based activity. There are some very lovely and interesting caves, but they too are very expensive. What is intriguing about Belize is the amalgamation of people who live in that little country, and though I only had a few days I was still able to notice to beautiful hodge-podge of languages and nationalities.

Chinese groceries and restaurants and general stores; Indian clothing stores; Lebanese Ice cream parlors… Creole, Spanish, English, Chinese and Indian dialects… Europeans, North Americans, Latinos, Indians, Chinese, Caribbeans, Middle easterners… and the insane mixes of the above. The lovely patua and Caribbean accented English is something I always loved, and was very happy to find on every dusty corner in every dusty town.

Most roads pass through low jungle, orange plantations, and tiny, unassuming villages. The landscape is not breathtaking like in Chiapas, but the tropical jungle of palms, fruit trees, furry hills hidden under a tangle of canopy, are restful on the eyes, and pretty to contemplate. It was too hot to stop for too long, so the roads, like Belize itself, are only a fleeting memory.

It was unjust for me to come and go so quickly, it is a mistake many travelers make at some point, and unfortunately it would be one I would repeat a number of times yet.

39. 4-10-13: 200km in 8 Hours

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