Poetry: Somewhere

Somewhere beyond the sea of hope, there’s time, time, time.
Somewhere beyond the limitless scope, you are mine, mine, mine.

Somewhere out there, where my mind ‘s at peace, there’s calm, calm, calm.
Somewhere out there, there’s a chance for release, like a balm, balm, balm.

Somehow I manage to dream of that land, to see it before my eyes.
Somehow I manage to live in that world, and from this one cut my ties.

But at some point I wake, and must see it is not so,
That the distance I flew is to nowhere I can go.

That dream seems so real – for at some point I lived it,
The sights and the smells were alive for me yet.
That dream was my life for a wink and a bit,
The blissful, bright moment as together we sat
On the bank, under trees, near Grant standing so fit,
And then later when you curled in my arms like a cat.
It is there that I live, to that time I return,
And I want for that mem’ry, I long for its burn.

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