• Poetry: Our Road

    The road forgives Our use and wear, She grips us tight When death we dare. She listens closely To our wail, She bears with patience Our angry stare. When we are lost She helps us find the way, She may be tough But with her we will stay. Though sometimes barely there, And often filled […]

  • Poetry: Cloudy Seas

    Above the trees and clouds The mist waves on beneath the blue, Whatever struggle to such heights forgotten, On high, vast peaks reveal what’s good and true. No sounds but vapor crushing into towers, The ebb and flow along the purple valley, The loud call of a fruitful hunt – The joyful song to make […]

  • Poetry: Abuelas

    The column slowly returns to the earth from which it came. Curves and plump lips, a deep copper hue, Stand in relief of the life and roads traveled. Strength of one side supporting the weakened other. Well-worn and oiled wood helps keep the column from Sinking to its eternal rest. Lenses of knowledge, only shimmer, […]

  • Poetry: A Captive Hope

    What dreams may come of self imprisoned fate, Beyond the window with the sounds of life abounding, Trapped in the glass and mesh of air conditioned comfort. All those beyond in realization of themselves, The birds, of flesh and steel, of horses free and bridled by the hundred. Of humans in their will, their task […]

  • Poetry: Adrift

    I was already there. It seemed as though forever now. The cool wind running up the Seine. The harvest time has come. Along the quai – stalls of bounty. From London I had come afore. There too along the Thames I walked. Jesters and their like, top hats still. The fog only lifted. But time […]

  • Poetry: Contemplation

    On mountain peaks I sit unstirring, My vision more and more is blurring. I’m growing blind to what I’ve thought is true, I’m growing lighter in the draining hue. I only see what I’ve forgotten, I only breathe of air un-rotten’d, What seems like blurring mist is clearing, The falsehood in my heart is searing. […]

  • Poetry: Lying Still

    Death becomes me Lying still, Devoid of thought, With nothing left to feel. A new release Found on my brow, Carefree in nothing — No pain to handle now. What sorrow brought in day to day, Is now exhaled And fades away. No lust to fan The flames of loins, There is no fear In […]

  • Poetry: Malinalco

    Where ancient warriors come to cleanse Beneath the stars and trees and sands. In burning caves to show the doors, With vapor’s keys to unlock souls. The songs are ever present here, Of all the lives who’ve come and went. To blow away the dirt and fear They came to mountains by nature’s scent. And […]

  • Poetry: Ode to Icarus

    No breath escapes, no sound is heard. When gravity is lost, dreams Come crashing into our reality And cannot be told apart. There are no smells, the light comes from within – Its subtle glow masking the bareness of the walls. Our hearts beat to warm us both. I feel my fingers passing over her […]

  • Poetry: Rain

    When clouds sit low upon the land, When earth and sky are wet with rain, The titter tatter on the roof, The pitter patter on the pane. I like it cold and wet beyond For all the reason more That after whetted by days of sun I’ve covered hours to look ‘fore. When all is […]





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