Poetry: Seasons of Hope

I dream of languid summer rides,
With roads that simmer in the sun,
And have no end and ne’er a goal,
Which only beg my presence – true and whole.

Of autumn walks engulfed in hue,
A rousing chill which leaves us ruddy too,
Soft fibers wrapped around my neck,
On endless walks – we hand in hand.

I dream of winters lost in sheets – wrapped,
and living through the other‘s show.
Where dreams and lives unfold on tips of hearthy flames,
All tucked beneath a blanket of snow.

The wakening of mother earth,
Our own departure from the lair,
Of hope imbibed with every breath anew,
And dreams reborn without an earthly care.

Forever changing – the promises of days which come and go,
Which raise our chins and hearts forlorn,
Oh! what joy it is to know –
That again tomorrow my future I will sow.

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